CHARACTERS is a mockumentary series where everyone is so honest they’ll tell the absolute truth whether they’re aware of it or not. In other words, they’ll tell all about who they pretend to be, who they’d want to be, who they actually are under it all, and why they have all these sides.

And the show isn’t just about characters, it’s also about the hot topics of today, such as sexuality, politics, and immigration. The characters will share their public opinion as well as their true one, and they’ll explain why the two views don’t always meet. I hope you’ll find a bit of yourself and your loved ones in these characters. I certainly have put a lot of myself in all of them. So please, enjoy the show and look for your own truth in what these characters share.


Hemingway’s greatness was in “true sentences.” He wrote a hundred pages, raked out ninety-nite pages of shit and ended up with one page of authentic, true, honest text. He stood up for those things. He was always trying to come up with true, unpretentious sentences. If only all artists everywhere took a page from his book.

True Blog is exactly what the name suggests. It’s True, and like everything else under Otherstreams, it’s all about Truth. I won’t tell about my days or favourite dishes. There won’t be picture posts about my latest brunches or daily costumes. There will be nothing but rants and manifestos for truth and true sentences in literature, music, movies, art – and blogs.

True Blog is a manifesto for Truth.


My name is Timo Strom. I’m a Finnish actor and writer, currently working on this site and especially my mockumentary series CHARACTERS, but I’m also open for interesting roles in interesting film, television, and theatre productions. Please, feel free to contact me, and check out my artist’s website.